5 pack baby alpaca wool REGULAR 5x50g 100m needle 4-4,5 knit crochet yarn Nm 4/8 APU KUNTUR

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One of the most precious fibres in the world in 32 gorgeous colours!

Content: 5 balls, 50g each 

This 4-ply alpaca knit wool made of 100% pure alpaca yarn in baby alpaca quality for needle 4-4,5 is distinguished by its uncomparable refinement and its large range of colours.

Get inspired by our baby alpaca yarn: wearing comfort, optical properties, as well as the silky sheen and technical advantages such as moisture regulation, speak for themselves. Because: alpaca is a hollow fibre. It is temperature-compensating and can be processed in a much thinner quality than sheep wool or other natural fibres. Based on this unique temperature-compensation it can likewise be worn in winter as in summer. It does not itch nor crease and is apt for delicate and sensitive skin. Since alpaca wool does hardly contain any lanoline it is particularly apt for allergics. Thanks to its smooth fibre texture it is hardly prone to pilling of felting.

APU KUNTUR alpaca wool is manufactured in Peru. Only the finest fibres comply with our high-quality standards and are used in our yarns.
Our knit yarn is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified.
(Exempt are coloured black 01 and anthracite 23)
This can be seen - and this can be felt with knitting. Just try it yourself!
Available in 35 amazing colours.

Material: 100% Alpaca (Baby Alpaca)

  • knits quickly and evenly
  • skin-friendly
  • hardly splits or pills
  • hand wash cold with special wool detergent
  • don't wring or tumble, lay flat to dry
  • yardage: 50g - approx. 100m = Nm 4/8
  • twined four-fold
  • recommended needle size: 4
  • gauge: 10cm*10cm = 26 rows , 20 stitches
  • approximate needed quantity: ladies/M = 500g, gents/M = 650g, 10 years = 350g
  • weight: 5x50g = 250g

All available colours:

  • 01 black
  • 02 red
  • 07 dark blue
  • 08 green
  • 12 wine red
  • 23 anthracite
  • 16 fuchsia
  • 19 petrol
  • 30 ice blue
  • 31 mottled blue
  • 33 magenta
  • 34 mottled pink
  • 28 sand
  • 36 lemon yellow
  • 38 golden yellow
  • 40 pistachio
  • 42 mottled syringa
  • 44 baby pink
  • 47 petrol mélange
  • 48 light blue mélange
  • 49 dark blue mélange
  • 50 green-grey mélange
  • 51 orange-red mélange
  • 52 senate
  • 53 deep sea
  • 54 Venezia

Guaranteed undyed natural colours:

  • N100 ecru
  • N110 beige
  • N120 light brown
  • N130 brown
  • N140 dark brown
  • N150 light grey
  • N160 medium grey
  • N170 dark grey

Take advantage fo this particularly fine quality for crafts or items such as shawls or kids caps which get in touch with sensitive body parts.
It is excellently apt for knitting and crocheting fine accessories such as leg warmer, beanies, bonnets and gloves or knit coats, knit cardigans, knitted sweaters, capes, ponchos. There is no limit to your creativity in handicraft and hobby.

The term baby alpaca does not imply that the used fibre stems from little alpaca babies. It is rather a quality feature and characterizes the fineness of the fibre. Adult animals which have such a fibre quality are the most precious animals.

This article is also available in single balls.

Did you know?
Alpaca is the "gold of the Andes" and has been preserved in ancient times only for the Inca royals. It has hence been called the "fleece of the Gods".

Nowadays alpaca wool is appreciated by designers all around the world as one of the most precious wool fibres and is more and more utilized. Only a few years ago cashmere has been deemed the noblest wool quality but many connoisseurs discover the soft and elegant natural fibre alpaca and appreciate its extraordinary characteristics.

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